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CultureSri Lankan Clay & Porcelain Products

Sri Lankan Clay & Porcelain Products

Sri Lanka has had too many traditional and authentic industries since its inception from the immigration of price Vijaya from India. (History starts from here) While the prince and his followers landed in Sri Lanka, the native girl Kuveni, a premium historical character, was said to be weaving cotton clothes. This reveals how Sri Lankans were adopted to industrial sectors in different fields long ago. Likewise, pottery or making Sri Lankan clay and porcelain products have a long history. They have prepared unique items to get the work done.

Everyone accepts clay is a 100% eco-friendly material. As well as, they are a sustainable product range since Ceramic clays are rich in minerals and are extracted from the earth. They create products that can last a lifetime or more when they shoot. Natural and food-safe ceramic dinnerware is significantly more sustainable than plastic, which can leak toxins into our food.

How are Clay and Porcelain Products Made?

Traditional Sri Lankan pottery and ceramic production are exciting, and everyone enjoys it. By the way, porcelain production, like all other ceramics, the process of making porcelain is simple. The clay is mixed with additives, shaped and then baked in an oven. The only thing that changes for porcelain is the identities of the constituent materials, the oven temperature and, basically, the formation of mullite.

Interesting Traditional Sri Lankan Pottery

From ancient times people have been looking for clay and porcelain products to decorate our homes and dining tables. These are considered symbols of honour. However, Sri Lanka has a heritage of pottery and traditions that have survived over time, and ceramics have found a unique place in the world.

Excavations from different areas of the island reveal the nature of the clay industry in Sri Lanka. Since Sri Lanka has come across several civilizations, the industry seems to have numerous changes and revolutions.

These communities are responsible for the oldest dating pottery in Sri Lanka. There were two types of technology; Hand-made pottery and wheel turned(Sakaporuwa) were fired, and black and red items and plain red items were every days. The oldest pottery dating back to 900 BC is found in the basal levels of the excavation layers of the ancient fort at Anuradhapura and is black and red pottery. Innovations and inventions have made the industry easy, but the concept is still alive.

Clay and Porcelain Products in Sri Lanka

When it comes to buying the best product you want from the Sri Lankan Ceramics market, it may look harder. You will be waiting and thinking a lot before buying one and spending too much time making a selection. The product range in the market will amaze you for a while. Kandy, Ambalangoda, Nattandiya, Dediyawela, Boralasgamuwa, and Meetiyagoda.

The pioneers in the industry distribute the finest products throughout the country. You can even buy the most advanced and finished products in supermarkets and fancy stalls. Even though some sellers deliver them after selling them online, also Ceramic industry in Sri Lanka has perceived as an export industry. Most probably, the new technology and innovations have helped the entrepreneurs to do something better in the 21st century. Nevertheless, the foreigners love buying them whenever they are travelling around. For instance, when a couple of foreigners are walking on the streets of Galle Fort, they definitely buy a memorable gift for their loved ones.

The authentic look in those arts and crafts makes selling even easier. Sometimes their natural and healthy features uplift the value more than the price. Product ranges include plates, cups, jugs, and other daily needs, as well as there are some new and popular products like water bottles, mortar and pestle etc. Clay plates with different types of paintings and attractive mouldings are famous among every generation. Other than that, the most famous product range is clay pots which are used to store water in kitchens.

Is it Worth Buying Ceylon Clay Products Online?

We recommend using clay and porcelain products for your daily purpose, but you will have some things to consider when buying them online. The main focus should be the delivery method. Since the products are fragile, choose a dealer who delivers products with care. Also, you have to think twice about the delivery partner of your merchant. Next, consider whether it is a genuine Sri Lankan clay product. Literary, there are several fakes and non-genuine clay products and alternatives in the international market too. They may have a look but not the sustainable features and benefits. So, consider the quality as well as the size from a trusted or a verified seller and place your order.

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