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SustainabilityEverything About Coconut Shell Products

Everything About Coconut Shell Products

The coconut tree is the most versatile tree on the earth. There are unbelievable uses and health benefits of coconut meat, oil, and water. However, there are so many other benefits of different parts of the coconut tree, like fertilizer is produced from coconut husks. Also, the coconut husk is the key ingredient in making coir ropes. Although Sri Lanka is the leading manufacturer of coconut parts and fibre-based products, the upcoming era will be famous for coconut shell products. The coconut leaf is a compound leaf that helped people for an extended period. Since producing coir products is also beneficial and sustainable like home decor, vessels etc.

What are the Coconut Shell Products?

During the last decades, plastic and polythene-based products in Sri Lanka have gradually decreased, and some sustainable products made out of different wooden and plant loots have come forward. Even though they have a good demand in both local and foreign markets, the industry developed gradually within a short period. Among those sustainable raw materials, Coconut shell played an unbelievable role due to its straightforward approach, attractive finish, and overall ease to use.

When we consider what types of coconut shell products are on the market, there can be a considerable variation since people from different races, age groups, and other areas make products according to their taste. Also, talent can affect the quality, style, product items, and strength. However, overall they do a fantastic industry as follows.

Kitchen Wear made of Coconut Shells

This is the most famous and popular product made out of coconut shells. Anyone can purchase a set of Eco-Friendly, handmade Cooking Spoons made of coconut shell and coconut wood. Rural artisans make this cooking spatula, ladles, and spoons. These spoons are healthier to use as the spoons made of aluminium react with citric acids in vinegar and lemon. So, there is a health risk when eating lemon and vinegar mixed products with an aluminium spoon. But if you use a coconut shell spoon, it is 100% healthy and 0% risk.

You can buy coconut shell spoons in different sizes. Don’t forget to buy a spoon hanger too. It is so easy to place and use, reducing the space requirement.

The other coconut shell kitchenware which is famous is cups. There are a lot of designs made with authentic coconut shells and woods.

Among the coconut shell kitchen utensils, there are products of quality that can use as gifts. Those handmade products have different styles and excellent finishing. Artisans colour them according to the raw material they use. So, we recommend buying coconut shell kitchen wear as a timely and intelligent investment due to health benefits and sustainability.

Bowls and tea sets are also available in various designs and colours. Apart from kitchenware, there are nicely produced lifestyle products. Also, Coconut shell is used to make multiple items such as desktop accessories and lifestyle products, paperweights, and serving utensils. You can find these products in handicraft shops in Sri Lanka and online with high-quality and finished coconut shell products.

Despite the fact that coconut-based products are lightweight and eco-friendly, they are also durable.

There is also jewellery like earrings, necklaces, and bracelets made out of them to look attractive, and their true colours are almost excellent. Sometimes people paint them with natural dyes, so they look more valuable than gold jewellery due to the authentic combination of maroon, yellow, brown, and red colours.

How are Coconut Shell Products Made?

In ancient times coconut farmers started making objects from coconut shells. For instance, they used the coconut shell to drink water like a cup. They peel and use the shell, a by-product of waste or products. It is known to be a craft, and the shell is engraved and tested by artisans in Sri Lanka. Coconut shell art has been gaining popularity in recent times.

Nowadays, people use new technology to do this on a large scale for peeling, crafting, and painting. There you can choose coconut shell cups according to the exact capacity as 250 ml cup, 500 ml cup, etc.

Sometimes, they add epoxies around the painted coconut shell to make it more attractive. Artisans also mix coconut shells with coconut husks to give more elegance to the users.

Why choose Coconut Shell Products?

Coconut shell products add a modern touch of elegance to your interior. The last 100 years are a substitute for all your forks and everyday necessities. Coconut shells have a high density and microstructure, which increases their rigidity, absorption and retention.

Of the many eco-friendly products available, coconut shell products are the most versatile. Our coconut products are made entirely by hand and do not use toxic compounds.

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